Tourist visa, as the name implies, is a document that one requires to be able to enter a country where he intends to go for a limited period for the purpose of travelling.  Tourist-Visa is a stamp that is put in place in the passport of the person allowing him to enter the country. The stamp clearly mentions the conditions associated with the authorization such as status of the immigrant, duration of stay, purpose of visit, and is same visa can be utilized for another visit, and so on.


Travelling abroad on short trips for pleasure or business is often required by those who love to have fun and see the world or just to probe various business avenues. It is worth taking some time out and visiting family and friends or perhaps just go on a sightseeing trip to countries such as USA, Australia, Canada. We can provide quality package tour. hotel booking air-ticketing , travel arrangements, package tour etc. On such trips one requires a visit visa or perhaps a holiday visa, as a visit abroad entails certain requirements in the form of visa formalities such as:


  • Specific visa related documentation
  • Full information about the visa process
  • Taking assistance from visa services offered by RS Global Immigration.
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